By Julia Malunga

MOVEMENT for Democratic Change (MDC) secretary general Lucky Mulusa says the PF cannot cure the country’s challenges because they are the architects of the mess.

And Mulusa who once served as President Edgar Lungu’s advisor says Zambians will solve half of the country’s problems if they vote out PF.

In an interview, Mulusa also said after the August polls, the PF should be banned from ever participating in elections because of the calamity they had caused.

“Zambia needs to move forward beyond the PF. The PF are the architects of the mess in which we are [in]and they have been given an opportunity in the last ten years to fix their mess and they have failed. They came in with a lot of promises of fixing what they felt the MMD was failing to do. MMD was doing quite a lot of good things. But instead, the PF came in as highly inadequate, unprepared, very incompetent. People that did not even understand the systems of governance,” Mulusa said.

“PF can’t be the one to cure the challenges we are facing, they have no capacity at all! They should bow out and when PF is kicked out, it must be banned so that we are not faced with this calamity ever in our lives as Zambians. They have messed this country up in terms of the economy and the separation of powers. It has messed us up internationally, global reputation and investor confidence. PF has been a curse to Zambia, they should never have occurred.”

Mulusa said by voting the PF out, half the country’s challenges would be resolved.

“Going back to the PF will be like people are not thinking. You can’t have people that have done wrong things against you and you still bring them back. Voting PF out is half of Zambia’s challenges resolved. Because the new team will be able to resolve this crisis. The new team will go to the investor community and say ‘look, the guys who messed up are gone, this is our story’ they will be believed. PF can’t go back and say ‘we have won elections again, give us more money’ it won’t happen. But the new government that we are forming in 2021, can go back and cleanse the commercial debt into bilateral and multilateral debt, which is cheaper, re-negotiate and extend it with better terms and give breathing space to the fiscus,” he said.

Mulusa assured Zambians that the UPND Alliance under Hakainde Hichilema would deliver the country out of the challenges it was facing.

“There is absolutely no way the UPND Alliance and Hakainde Hichilema will go against the promises of the good tenets of governing, he can’t. HH has all the factors to guide him to govern properly. You can’t try five times, you keep on failing only to win and do the wrong thing, no. HH will not do the wrong thing. So many things have been spoken against him so there is no way he can do a wrong thing, he will do the right thing. We will make sure that we deliver this country out of the challenges the country is facing at the moment,” said Mulusa.

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