Hakainde Hichilema has advised Zambians to adopt the watermelon formula, so that they can freely get PF campaign money, but campaign and vote for the opposition UPND.

And Hichilema says people will think he is a magician because of the way he will improve the country’s economy once elected President.

In an interview, the UPND leader who is on a campaign trail, advised Zambians to pose as PF supporters so that they can enjoy stolen taxpayers money which the ruling party was dishing out.

“You must be watermelons, green panse (outside), red inside because this change of government will benefit everybody. Take their money, that is your money, they stole it from you. Take their material but you should go and campaign for UPND, don’t be afraid to associate with the PF, be like a watermelon. They brought you don’t kubeba, but I am telling you now that the money they are dishing out is yours, take it, take their material, but on August 12, you know what to do,” Hichilema said.

“When we take power, we will also end the violence. Safety is very important, there will be an end to violence. I will be sworn in at 10:00 hours in the morning, by 14:00 hours you can go to the bus stop and no one will beat you. You can go to a taxi rank and no one will force you out of it. Violence will end, you will operate freely naimwe (even you), this is your campaign,” he said.

And Speaking when he featured on KNC radio, Wednesday, Hichilema said as a businessman, he knows how to fix Zambians economic problems, adding that it is not true that there was no money in the country.

“Naimwe mukadabwa ati uyu mulumendo kanshi ni magician alikwi? Mwalemukana nomba (you will be shocked and ask yourselves if I am a magician and where I was. You were rejecting him) but we are happy that you have accepted the change. Keep your hopes high because help is on the way, this is your campaign, campaign for change. This country will become a country of economic activities, more jobs, more investment. The economy is connected, I understand, I am a businessman, everybody says to me ‘there is no money in this country’ bufi ubo, the money is there. As UPND, here is what we are going to do, we will save money from corruption, from expensive public projects and channel it to building staff houses, hostels, paying civil servants on time,” Hichilema said.

“Ba PF bale tina, bale tina sana, nga namwishiba ati mwaliba popular, you campaign, don’t disturb other people’s campaign. Why mulechita disturb UPND alliance and our campaigns, kutina uko (the PF are scared, if you know you are popular, why disturb our campaigns, this is being scared). Copperbelt permanent secretary Bright Nundwe is admitting to disturbing our rally because it could have been huge, if it is too huge it means people have moved and gone to the UPND. The people of Zambia know that UPND is their solution, so kutina uko. Let us campaign freely, after all its our right. We will campaign safely. We are defying the illegal instruction of Mr Lungu, Mr Lungu is a candidate, he is a competitor he cannot be a player in the game of soccer and a referee at the same time awe mukwai, takana, ninzelu zau kalulu izo you can’t behave like that kutina UPND uko. So we are going to campaign tatulefwaya amano yabu kalulu, Zambians want change.”

Hichilema further asked government to pay the doctors what was due to them, and further added that UPND in government would ensure that health workers were paid on time.

“The doctors do not need anyone to show them what is right. They do not need HH to demonstrate, the one who is causing the doctors to go on strike is the government that is not paying what is due to them. It’s their money, they worked for [it]and we do not need ordinary citizens to die in hospitals especially with COVID. We, in our time, will make sure that there is no time that doctors, medical staff, critical staff will be without their allowances for even akashita akanono fye! Eh change tulelandapo iyo (that is the change we are talking about),” Hichilema said.

“There’s no need to blame the opposition for their failures. Abanensu abali mu (our colleagues in) government ninshi nabasumina ati naba filwa (they have admitted that they have failed) and they know where the solution is. Where is the solution? Kuli bally! Bally will fix it, bally will fix many things including this. I get blamed for everything, nga imfula yaloka sana ati ni HH, nga tabapele fertilizer abantu, ati ni HH.”

And commenting on the K150 price set by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) to buy a 50kg bag of maize from the farmers, Hichilema said the price was not enough looking at how expensive farming had become.

“The FRA has announced the price of maize which is K150, it is not good enough. The farmers are complaining. Why are they complaining? Because farming is a business. Tekwangala (it’s not playing), farming is business. They are complaining because the cost of farming inputs are too high and at the price of K150 they don’t make money. If they lose money, it means they won’t produce more maize next year. Why are farming inputs expensive? The reason is very simple, it’s because of corruption in the procurement of fertilizer, it is now costing K600 per 50kg bag.” he said.

The opposition leader further said the UPND was committed to ensuring that it reunited the country which he said, was divided due to bad leadership.

“We need to reunite this divided country, to bring our people together because we need unity of purpose as it was before, then we can talk about delivering something else. We are one people, 72 plus ethnic groups and all God’s children. Insala (hunger) does not choose, it bites. Bad leadership is what has led to disunity in the country. What are we going to do ourselves, we are going to reunite first the UPND leadership, the high table leadership, UPND cabinet will have ministers from all the 10 provinces unlike what is the case now,” Hichilema said.

And Hichilema questioned why government always resurfaced the issue of re-opening Mulungushi Textiles during elections.

“Every time there is an election, nga ama election yali mupepi mukomfwa bakesa (when elections are near, you will hear that they will come). 2015 kwali ama election I came here in Kabwe to explain Mulungushi Textile on its viability, panono fye baisa ba mwankole ati awe tukesula Mulungushi Textiles (shortly they came that we will re-open Mulungushi Textiles), 2016 futi balandapo same story. [They] even start distributing working suits saying the textile company will be operational, is it operational? Bufi, boza (lies), even now they will come and lie about Mulungushi textile,” said Hichilema.

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