THE Lusaka High Court has found four former Twin Palm Secondary School pupils who are alleged to have killed a Kabulonga Boys Secondary School pupil, with a case to answer.

The court has since placed the four on their defence.

This is a matter in which four former Twin Palm Secondary School pupils aged between 16 and 19, are charged with one count of murder.

Three of the accused persons are juveniles while one, Elvis Nsokolo, is 19-years-old.

It is alleged that the four, on December 4, 2020 in Lusaka, jointly and whilst acting together, killed Ryan Phiri, who was a grade 12 pupil at Kabulonga Boys Secondary School.

When the matter came up for ruling on case or no case to answer, Friday, Lusaka High Court judge Sharon Newa said the testimonies of some of the witnesses cannot be ignored hence the need for the accused persons to also give their testimony.

She then placed the quartet on their defence.

“I have established the facts and determined that there is evidence to which the accused must answer to. I therefore place all the accused persons on their defence for the alleged offence of murder,” Judge Newa ruled.

She also set June 16 for commencement of defence.

Earlier during trial, a garden boy in the teachers compound in Kabulonga, told the Court that on the material day, he was at work around 11:00 hours cutting some flowers when he saw a pupil at Kabulonga Boys Secondary School running towards him.

Isaac Lungu, 21, of Mtendere East, testified that after two to five minutes, he heard another person screaming that “guys you are going to kill me” and when he rushed there, he found that some pupils from Twin Palm Secondary School were beating the person with golf sticks.

“They were five of them. Three had golf sticks and the other two didn’t have. I concentrated on rescuing the boy they were beating,” Lungu said.

He said he managed to rescue the boy after which the pupils left but said they were going to get their group and would come back for the boy.

Lungu said he got the boy and went to hide him behind an old building before he continued cutting some flowers.

He said about three minutes later, he saw a group of about 12 or 11 people, with others still carrying golf sticks.

He said after the group left, he got some water and went to wash the boy who he later came to know as Ryan, as he was bleeding from the ears and had mud on his face.

Lungu said the boy also had difficulties breathing and was saying “my friend, I will die”.

Ryan’s mother also testified that she had hope that her son would recover and get to write the exams he had been studying for.

Sharon Syambizi of Lusaka’s Barlastone area, told the court that when she saw the condition her child was in at the hospital, she became emotional and confused that her son who was well in the morning of that fateful day, was in that state.

She further testified that before her son died, he told her that he was beaten by a mob of pupils from Twin Palm Secondary School who used golf sticks.

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