REPORTS that some candidates in the forthcoming general elections are consulting prophets and witchdoctors to see into their future politically are anything to go by, then there is need for the Church to intensify prayers.

Council of Churches in Zambia (CCZ) general secretary Fr. Emmanuel Chikoya has advised the clergy to avoid giving false prophecies of hope to politicians who want to win elections at all costs. “If these prophets can see beyond, let them tell us when coronavirus will end and not concentrate on giving false predictions. Politicians should wake up and avoid deceit,” he said.

The practice is as sickening as it is horrifying especially that Zambia is a Christian nation and leaders are expected to uphold Biblical values.Politicians seeking office should not sacrifice their souls for diabolical favours.In essence, the claim by prophets and other psychic mediums who claim to have powers to make candidates win elections has the potential to bring violence in an event that the aspirants lose.

Witchdoctors and prophets should not give politicians false hope of winning elections because this practice can lead to civil strife if candidates refuse to accept defeat based on the assurances given.Seeking odd methods of securing victory in an election is tantamount to undermining the democratic tenets.In 2016, some politicians suspected to have been instigated by insatiable appetite to win elections were linked to ritual killings.

Memories of these events are still fresh in people’s minds.Candidates who are getting predictions from prophets or witchdoctors risk involving themselves in ritual killings as may be demanded by unscrupulous people bent on making money. Clean politics are a hallmark of democracy, which is why the Church and other stakeholders have been praying for peace.

The Bible in Leviticus 19:31 says: “Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the Lord your God.”Indeed, some politicians seeking black magic or prophecies cannot claim to be doing it for the people.

You just do not go to such extremes to serve the people. Campaign messages would ordinarily suffice to attract votes.Politicians should avail themselves to the electorate instead of wasting time soliciting prophesies on the outcome of the August 12 elections.

The charm in candidates winning elections lies in campaigning and convincing voters about service delivery based on their respective manifestos.We urge the electorate not to give credence to these diabolical acts by helping some candidates to find prophets or witchdoctors in townships.Voters should demand to know the kind of development candidates would bring if elected as MPs, councillors or president.

Those who spend time looking for prophets or witchdoctors to predict election results should not be given a chance because that would render credence to their evil acts.Fr. Chikoya is right by urging politicians to avoid manipulating prophets to manufacture prophesies but leave everything in the hands of God.No-one wants to see unnecessary legal battles from some politicians after elections based on promises of victory by prophets and witchdoctors.

This year’s elections should be issue-based and no politician should attempt to sneak into office using magic.We also urge the clergy not to be swayed by gifts from some politicians to make predictions for them because doing so would only end up creating divisions in the Church.Pastors should only pray for candidates who come to them for help.

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