…as Party CEO Hon Davies Mwila warns of stern action against any member who risks tarnishing the image of His Excellency, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

THE RULING Patriotic Front (PF) has with immediate effect suspended six of its members from Chilanga District for gross misconduct exhibited during the filing in of nominations by the PF adopted candidate for the Chilanga Council Chairperson Annie Brown.

Speaking in a media briefing today, PF Secretary General Hon Davies Mwila has warned that the party shall not condone unruly behaviour or any any form of indiscipline from any of its members across the country.

And Hon Mwila has named the suspended members as David Sikanyika (District Chairman), Francis Mulauni (District Vice Chairman), a Mr Simbao (District Youth Chairman), Enock Chiwati (Constituency Youth Chairman – Chilanga North), Gilbert Mafuti (Constituency Youth Chairman – Chilanga South), and Augustine Zulu (Constituency Vice Chairman – Chilanga South).

“The suspensions are indefinite and I therefore direct that the affected members surrender all party property to the respective offices and appropriate members shall take over their positions. I will not condone indiscipline, violence and lawlessness in the party,” Hon Mwila said.

He said his office would not tolerate any behaviour that had the potential to tarnish the image of His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Hon Mwila said the PF was bigger than the ambitions of a few individuals who seek to fulfil their desires at the expense of what the party wanted.

He said the decisions to adopt candidates are collectively made by the the Members of the Central Committee (MCC) and they were final hence no one had the power to nullify or disqualify any adopted candidate except the office of the Secretary General.

And the PF CEO has said the party leadership was delighted that the nominations of all the candidates at various elective levels had gone smoothly.

“We want to thank all our former cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament who were not adopted for supporting the party’s choices and we hope that others will learn from them,” Hon Mwila said. “In leadership you cannot always have your way hence we must always respect other people’s decisions.”

He said he was aware that the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) had failed to field candidates in selected places on various level which showed how unpopular and disaorganised they are as a party hence are not ready to govern the nation.

Hon Mwila also said beside fielding another female running mate, the party had done extremely well as far as women participation was concerned with the adoptions of more than 20 women for the Council Chairpersons and Mayoral seats and with the same approach replicated at Parliamentary level.

Meanwhile, newly appointed PF running mate to President Edgar Chagwa Lungu in the forthcoming August general elections Professor Nkandu Luo has said a lot of aspiring candidates who apply for adoptions do so for selfish motives and that was why they end up running as independents to satisfy their desires.

Professor Luo said it was worrying that a lot of people in Zambia still looked at being Member of Parliament merely as lucrative job and not a responsibility charged to lead and represent the people in Parliament.

“One of the things we miss as a people is that when you apply for adoption, it doesn’t mean that you will be successful all of you. You will be subjected to assessments and the best one gets picked so there are a lot of things that are taken into consideration before the MCC settles for a particular candidate,” Professor Luo said.

She said being a Member of Parliament was a very difficult undertaking because Parliament required people who could debate issues because that was where laws that govern the nation are made.

Professor Luo added that the back benches in Parliament are the most important and they must always research and be able to protect the integrity of the party they represented.

“I was mesmerised by a huge number of people applying to contest on various positions. People should have the euphoria to apply into colleges and universities to contribute to the nations education and development sector instead of just trying to get to Parliament at any cost,” she advised.

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