ECZ ejects Leadership Movement ‘soldiers’ from presidential nomination hall


ECZ ejects Leadership Movement ‘soldiers’ from presidential nomination hal

SOME Leadership Movement party members clad in regalia which resembles that of the military were yesterday asked to leave the nomination centre because their attire was not in accordance with the electoral code of conduct.

Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) could not proceed with its business without issuing a word of caution to some of Dr Richard Silumbe’s supporters who wore party regalia that resemble official military uniform.

ECZ chief electoral officer Kryticous Patrick Nshindano said “Having sworn oath to uphold the electoral Code of Conduct and to promote peaceful, you are discouraged from using militarised regalia, as this would promote electoral violence,” said Nshindano.

“Mr president, as a commitment to peaceful election, we kindly request you to ask your delegation dressed as such to wait for you outside, as we proceed with the nomination process.”

The burly men peacefully went out of the nomination centre before ECZ chairperson justice Esau Chulu remained tightlipped until the men in question cleared the room.

He then announced that he determined that Dr Silumbe and his running mate Kaela Kamwenesha were validly nominated as the presidential candidates for the forthcoming general elections.

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