President Edgar Lungu was among Zambians who attended National prayers for peaceful elections set for August 12, 2021.

The mainstream Churches in Association with the Ministers Fellowship across Zambia organised the prayers at constituency and district levels which were held countrywide.

The prayers were focused on praying for all candidates, for peaceful elections and issue-based campaigns.

Opposition leaders present included UNIP’s Bishop Trevor Mwamba, Dr Nevers Mumba of MMD and Peter Chanda of New Congress Party among others.

Speaking during the service held at the Anglican Cathederal of the Holy Cross in Lusaka, Pentecostal Assemblies of God Bishop Harrison Sakala urged Zambians to always have a good motive for what they are doing .

Bishop Sakala called for love and unity in the Country .

He said there will be no violence if all Zambians developed love and patriotism for their country .

And speaking after the service, President Lungu said the country should question the motive of those who fight when their leaders do not .

The President said most leaders are friends like he is with UNIP President Trevor Mwamba and Rainbow Party President Wynter Kabimba who were his classmates at UNZA.

And Mr. Mwamba said it is the responsibility of every credible leader to promote love and peace.

Meanwhile Dr. Mumba said those who want to lead should not use violence but peace and love.

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