Anthony Bwalya writes

We are sad to hear of the detention of Mr. Mubita C. Nawa by the Zambia Police over a video in which an identified individual is seen and heard using unfiltered language towards the Republican President.

And while the Police say they are still investigating the matter, the detention of Mr. Nawa is nothing short of an abuse of authority on their part.

Mr. Nawa is not a flight risk and is of known and established aboard, and as such the police would and can still be able to reach him for assistance with the ongoing investigations into the matter.

This wanton harrasment of citizens by the government using the police will come to an end this August.

The public have not forgotten how the outgoing Minister of Transport and Communications Mutotwe Kafwaya erroneously called for the retrospective application of the hastily enacted Cyber Security law to arrest Nawa, without the requisite understanding of the operations of the law.

The contents of the video in question were and are still clearly vile, but that is not enough excuse for those in government to abuse the law using the police for political expediency.

Sit tight brother. Sit tight.

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