A Married woman and her boyfriend have admitted to having sex on a sofa, where her husband caught them red-handed.

Bally Ng’andwe and Monica Kabunda were caught pants down by Richwell Matepwa when he unexpectedly arrived back home from a trip in Southern Province around 02:00 hours.

Richard Matepwa lamented that on a rainy day in March, he returned from a business trip around 02:00 hours and when he entered his bedroom, he found Bally Ngandwe dressed only in his birthsuit punishing his wife on his favourite sofa in the bedroom when he, who paid dowry, respectfully discharged such duties on the comfortable bed.

And in accepting the charge of Adultery, Ngandwe who said he was only 3 months in the neighbourhood said that sleeping with Monica Kabunda only took him to knock on her door at 02:00 hours and claim that he was socked and cold and when inside, Monica offered to warm him with a bottle of beer and bout of sex which he menacingly discharged.

For her part, Monica claimed she drank a bottle of Mosi and mistakenly found herself naked and under Ngandwe tutorial.

In passing judgement, the court warned Ngandwe not to be folding people’s wives on sofas as next time he might be killed. For his indignity, he was ordered to pay K15,000 to Matepwa in monthly installments of K500.

(Source: Zambia Daily Mail/Kalemba)

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