ZESCO Limited has announced that it will from Monday 10th May 2021 commence stage 1 of temporal load management during peak hours from 17  to 21 hours for 15 days.

The decision is as a result of the emergency works which will be carried out  on two generating units at Kariba North Bank and Kafue Gorge Upper Power Stations.

The works will lead  to a loss of approximately 100 Megawatts .

ZESCO Senior  Corporate Affairs Manager JOHN KUNDA  says the maintenance works are urgent and cannot be postponed as doing so will risk the safety of the generating units.

Dr. KUNDA has  told ZNBC NEWS  that  this may lead to severe damage, and compromise stability in electricity generation.

He  said  the utility company will later in June implement stage 2 of load management for another 15 days .

He has since assured all customers and the general public that it will strictly adhere to a robust and proactive maintenance schedule to ensure longevity of all its assets.

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