…says government means well for the Zambian citizens and the efficacy of the vaccine has been proved

Republican Vice-President Her Honour Mrs Inonge Mutukwa Wina has assured the general public that the rolling out of the COVID-19 Vaccination Program is as a result of how the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) government cared for the health of the Zambian people.

Mrs Wina has said it is unfortunate that even after the second wave of the COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of people still believe that their government could harm them through the vaccines.

Her Honour the Vice-President said this when she took the vaccine after promising to do so in Parliament yesterday.

And Mrs Wina has bemoaned the low numbers of women who are shunning the vaccine as compared to their Male counterparts.

“When you look at the figures, there are more men than women who are getting the vaccine. Women tend to fall for these unfounded myths so easily which is putting their health at risk. Since immemorial women had been taking vaccines like BCG for their babies without question, so what has changed now?” Mrs Wina Wondered.

She has also challenged the media to upscale their efforts in distributing correct messages about the COVID-19 Vaccination program so that the general public can be thoroughly sensitized and encouraged to take the vaccines.

Mrs Wina said the efficacy of the vaccines had been proved and verified by global and local health bodies hence it was imperative that Zambians took the vaccine on time.

She said people should stop shunning the vaccine because the ongoing vaccination program with 228, 000 doses would come to a halt at the end of July when the vaccines expire and government does not want to see a carryover of the vaccines.

Mrs Wina has however assured that the second phase will soon be commenced after the first phase as government had already ordered for another batch of vaccines which would be delivered in the country soon.

“The mode of transporting these vaccines to Zambia is a challenge as a only a few airlines are flying. We are lucky that the Ethiopian Aurlines has been consistent in flying across the continent but the places like India where these vaccines are sourced from can be closed. So people should begin to think in those lines and get the vaccines before it’s too late,” Mes Wina advised.

Earlier on during Vice-President Question Time in Parliament, Mrs Wina had cautioned Members of Parliament to always advance the interests of the people they represented before those of their political parties citing the need for political players in the house to sometimes reach consensus on important issues that mattered to the lives of many Zambians.


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