Senior Chief Ishindi of the Lunda speaking people in Zambezi District, North Western Province has asked Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Hon Raphael Nakacinda to tell His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu that his chiefdom is supporting the PF government.

Speaking on behalf of the Senior Chief, Mukandankunda Royal Palace Vice Prime Minister Steward Kasweka said he is optimistic that President Lungu will win this year’s General Elections.

The traditional leader however disclosed when Hon Nakacinda paid a courtesy call on him that government should consider addressing some challenges in the District among which is the water and sanitation challenges.

He mentioned that the area has been lagging behind for the past five years in many sectors of development.

Meanwhile, Hon Nakacinda said the area had been lagging behind as a result of poor representation in Parliament.

He explained that people in Zambezi voted for a person who doesn’t present the challenges faced in his constituency due to his party’s policy.

The Minister howezver stressed the need for people to vote for a person who will represent them in Parliament and not satisfy his or her selfish motives.

“Zambezi is suffering because the people elected to represent them belong to a party that stops them from interacting with government. Unfortunately for the past five years I have never seen your MP in my office because he’s been stopped by his political party,” he said.

“That blocks … it’s like you have a pipe and then someone ties in the middle. The water can’t flow. This time around as we go to elections…..tell your children who are offering themselves to stand that when they are voted in office there number one job is to represent people in Zambezi and not some politician in Lusaka.”

Hon Nakacinda also mentioned that the Head of State is committed to never leaving anyone behind in the development agenda.

He added that the developmental programs concerning water will happen in the District.

Hon Nakacinda disclosed that the President feels it’s an “abormination that we have plenty of water in Zambezi but people have no access to clean water” hence the formation of the Ministry.

He said government is concluding a feasibility study and is going to undertake a project called Entergrated Small Town Water Supply and Sanitation out of the which four districts with Zambezi inclusive will benefit in the Province.

He said the districts to benefit from the project “because they are growing at a fast rate” are Mufumbwe, Solwezi and Mwinilunga.

Hon Nakacinda said 55 boreholes are to be drilled in the area while 105 will be rehabilitated.

“On top of that we are cooperating with partners to come and drill 40 borehole and 80 will be rehabilitated. We are going to have another 15 drilled and 25 will be rehabilitated. Total number of boreholes to be drilled is 55 and 105 to be rehabilitated,” he said.

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