Ndola…. Wednesday May 5, 2021 (SMART EAGLES)
The Petroluem Transporters Association of Zambia (PTAZ) has thanked President Edgar Lungu for rightfully empowering the Zambian transporters by signing the Statutory Instrument that allows transportation of bulk cargo by locals.
TPAZ Secretary General Benson Tembo has told Smart Eagles in an interview that President Lungu has now stamped his authority by signing this Statutory Instrument which is covering the whole transport Sector.
Mr. Tembo notes that this SI will now sort out all the challenges the local transporters have been facing for many years.
“The SI will guarantee jobs, create other jobs, create wealth and help to grow local capacity in all sectors of the economy arising from the growth in the transport sector and ultimately contribute hugely to the increase in Foreign Exchange,” he said.
“We are now urging all the players mentioned in this new Statutory Instrument to comply with this law. We are aware that Mines have engaged foreign transporters, we are equally aware that Suppliers of Fuel and Local Oil Marketing Companies are using Foreigners. Some oil Marketing Companies have even signed local transportation business with companies who have 100% foreign shareholding. Some mines in Zambia are using suppliers who are exclusively using trucks owned companies with 100% shareholding. Suppliers and Mines are seeking services from foreign based logistics companies as earlier stated.”
He further notes that the Statutory Instrument is now here and all these players must comply.
He stated that in view of this development, the Petroluem Transporters Association of Zambia will not watch such impunity being exhibited by OMCs and Suppliers to continue as they now have a law to lean on.
“We shall not hesitate to seek legal redress from our Courts of law starting next month after the gazette notice. The time is now for all the sectors mentioned in the SI to do the right this. The Statutory Instrument on itself has penalties to the Directors which we shall follow to penalize the defiant suppliers and Mines,” he added.
“As citizens in the transport sector in Zambia, we are grateful to the President and we wish to commend Hon. Mutotwe Kafwaya the Minister of Transport and Communication for his personal effort to see to it that this Statutory Instrument was promulgated.”

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